Another Place to Call Home

“customers who have stayed at Q Hotel have highlighted your property as one that consistently delivers outstanding service and offers a memorable guest experience.”

Whatever your pleasure is, the Q Hotel has it here. Set in the heart of Beirut city, We take everything to extreme. Explore our exciting honeymoon packages and destinations. Discover the perfect spot for your romantic getaway in a special place where memories are created.

“Based on a minimum of 10 reviews, you have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to your guests in delivering consistently amazing stays.”

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An extensive collection of cookies and drinks along with international spirits are available in our lounge bar. This list has grown organically over the years and now has the best representations from around the globe. Relax in our stylish lounge and enjoy a free Wi-fi access.

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Welcome to a place where friends and family gather for good times and exceptional food, a place where dining out is something special, we invite you to discover everything that makes Q-Restaurant appealing.